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Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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ENHANCED BY Level5 up to Level7 MiHaN MOD

"#1 Razor, the big laugher at me was always keeping his eyes on my ride!" -
NfS in Bodykit's Bio:
Police know well Prison Breaker is more dangerous than a Prisoner! So they will use everything to stop he's escaping from the Justice as they know he's about to use anything for escaping! With this mod, I think you're about thinking of chameleon 'cuz of its double view!!!

Part One - M.W.D.S.:
Police here are in full mobilization whatever Level the suspect's going in. Pursuit Copmidsize will show him the real face of the militarism of Most Wanted Dept. Squad! (M.W.D.S.). And if he continued to the next Level as expand, Pursuit Pontiac GTO will take an advantage that it will use the Heli against him and its service will extend to be tricky Heli! Plus no Cooldown for this Level!!
The end of this part is by Undercover Pontiac GTO which supports previous Level. It completes the rest of mission of this part.
(These vehicles use Top Speed, Fast Acceleration and no need for Braking which is achieved from behind!!!)

Part Two - A Piece of Cake by a Unique Touch of Alex Mahone:
Heavy SUVs serve Levels 4 & 5 and the suspect will remember the Fugitive rapsheet! He starts to think of this Level #4, SUVs do not make anything new..! just wide wave, waves… and many ones until the end of this level where within few moments, he will be trapped to think again he's a/the Fugitive!!! And that tricky Heli will increase his suffering while Cross is drifting a toro-SUV!
(Here police uses tricky SUVs by Untouchable Plan… They're recording another score!)
(Few feet are between get away and being Busted!!!)

Part Three - The Militarism of Federal Corvette C6R:
Apache's going in lvl6, that C6R! It practices a unique style of pursuit and that spirit of persistence is shown clearly where the suspect thought he has skipped successfully the Nightmare lvl5. Now another one has begun!!!
(He hasn't to be Glad. The big Cake is still waiting for him anyway, in EA Jail Party!!!)

Part Four - Prison Break or Big Cake:
35 among Heavy SUVs supported by Undercover Corvettes will be at service for lvl7.
SUVs go crazy to catch the suspect while 'Vettes does some cool Blocks which go well with Mahone mind! The result the suspect will feel he needs anything to keep getaway from police or he will be invited to the big cake!
Here I think the suspect will remember these words off and on:
(yo 're abo t thi kin g of Ch mel on 'cuz its DouBLE VieW)
(Here police need one little fault..! somewhere in suspect mind or on Keyboard)
(Who's driving Black 'Vette'?! Is he FBI Agent Alex Mahone?!)

- NfS Most Wanted Police MobiliZatioN shown from Level1
- Roadblock works for All Levels exception for lvl 5&7
- Spike Stripe works only for lvl1,3 & 6
- Tricky Chopper in lvl1,2,4,5 & 7
(If there's nothing happens and causes damage to Heli. Somehow it quits for lvl5)
- Chopper Disappearance takes few moments for other Levels
- No Cooldown for lvl 2&5 and here Hidden-spot is useless
(Like what in The Fugitive mod)
- 3 SUVs in 5 min-lvl5 as a dilemma to get away!!!
(The third is for who has good refreshing of remember the chameleon)
- LvL 4&5 nearly have same stuffs
- mini-Map covers most units for lvl 5&7
(It helps the suspect to select butter Path for Escaping from the Prison)
(25 added per Level 1-4 & 6 for mini-map Radar)
- Every Level up will decrease the distribution of Roadblock/Spike Stripe
(It almost makes min-Map range useless for advanced Levels!)
- Siren Speeder in lvl 5&7 is informing the suspect EA cake is ready for him!!!
- Powerful Hit to the maximum needed to wreck only Heavy SUVs
- Unit Collision Style is Dynamic in All Levels exception for lvl 4&7
- Where it's usually straight for the last one
- LvL 5&7 force the suspect to think of plan A,B,CD E…BA,EE,…, YX, XX
(Until he becomes thinking who is he/she or what's he/she facing? Police or him/herself?)
- So the suspect is about using everything here
(Top Speed, Acceleration, un-Rolling wheels, Braking, Drift,… Until he overcomes something in his Dark Side when he sharpens his skill well to the maximum… He has to be patient after many times he got Busted)
- SUVs use every inch/cm and which/what is the suspect using in the opposite???!!!
(Anyway, Cross is waiting for a challenge/a speeder in his assistant SUV HEAVY!)
(Where Alex Mahone is handling well his Black Corvette! It responds for his mind well..!)

Level 5 up to Level 7 MiHaN's Mod is necessary:
- If you're Russian guy please use this link:

- If your game goes in English letters, plz use this below (no guarantee for other languages):

- Any pursuit mod works already in your game with this one, it may cause unwanted target!
- Starting up a new career feels you're Michael Scofield!!
- Busted means 2 Levels back, so watch your Keyboard!!!
- Maybe after a lot of time of playing, you need a Doctor about your eyes! Recommended!!
(None can do the same done by Double View Owner, the chameleon!)

You need to install Modloader where is found in Ferrari 360 Spider of Arushan. After download, RUN the file inside named install.EXE choosing the Modloader. Then proceed. After it's done, extract the file PRISONBREAK inside your game directory:
Then Enjoy!

Last Mod is Plan B:

Ark-X Stylizer>>> who I looked inside his patches once a day
amit lufa
BMWM3GTRDOITARKOBACK>>> sender guy to sky
Bodykit>>> Mod Creator & Provider
Double Mac>>> pushed me to the perfect mod, Plan B
Drift King 2009
EightOsiem>>> the creator of
Fox>>> who I looked inside his patches too
Kart Racer
ken_block>>> has that systematic way in his images
LiCh KiNg>>> Im a snapshotter for his next releases
MiHaN>>> the creator of level5 up to level7, my mods depends on mainly
mrspeed>>> a cool snapshotter of Most Wanted mod
NFSeby>>> a soft guy made me think of patching a Fog & a Cleaner Heli
TYF>>> looks for real mods by cool suggestions
UCN Conversions
Ultimate Racer>>> one 1000 guy (O1G) (again one 1000!!! Too much backups!)
& Others

***any Username is typed as***

Everyone's Using It
Copyright © MiHaN, the Creator of Level 5 up to Level 7 Mod
Copyright © BODYKIT created what causes Most Wanted Mod



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