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Koenigsegg CCXR Biofuel Edition

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Koenigsegg CCXR Boifuel Edition

First of all thanks for my freind "Maxim" a.k.a TDUZoqqer for sending me full mesh and textures of this car.

Can be custumize with:

>Rim paint
>Speed Gauges

1.Copy all files in NFSMW main derectory.
2.Run game with "NFSMW.bat".

NOTE:- If you want to play with this car, so first you need to turn of Shadow detail from Graphics menu or the textures of this car will look very wired.

1. Realistic Performance made by me, Top speed is 403 KM/H.
2. NFS:Prostreet Driver Model
3. Working Texture Brakelights
4. Damageable Window Glass
5. Orignal CCXR Licence plate textures

First of all Special thanks go to my teacher "Excelrate", they tought me every thing related to NFSMW modding and also tought me additional stuff like "how to make car with Livries, UV Mapping, how to fill "ALPHA CHANNELS" in a pic by Phtoshop and other thing which i forgot now, and in last i want to say that iam very thankfull of my teacher.

Maxim - for sending me whole mesh and textures of that car, thanks again to him
Lich King - Provided me the link of Video of UV mapping tutorial + Suggest me some tips about my car and notice some bugs in my car.
My friends that supports my conversion projects, specially SLZ, Lich king, Excelrate, Alexc12fr, Speeding Machine, Johnny B and other ARG members and others that i forgot now.
Arushan - for NFSMW ModTools
nfsu360 - for NFSU2/MW Texture Complier
EA (NFS:ProStreet) - for Brakes mesh and textures + Driver mesh and texture
Oleg Melashenko - for Zmodeler 1 and 2
Golfstationwagon - for NFSMW City Mod
Johnny B - for Uploading my car on NFSCars
Gamer boy - for Converting this car in NFS:MW

Have Fun!



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