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Need for Speed ProStreet savegame with Player's BMW M3 GTR E46

Need For Speed Pro Street

Need For Speed Pro Street
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This savegame contains the BMW M3 GTR E46 ( The car of NFSMW 2005 Hero / Player )
The car may not be perfect , but im trying to get as close as possible

This savegame also contains the mustang GT ( Razor version , The #15 Blacklist of NFSMW , but well , he's the first after getting Players BMW , Nvm , since this is his car when he is on the #15 so , lets just say he's number 15 )

Also , i want to personally thanks SERENE_SERPENT for his wonderful 80 cars save
and to all people that wants this save with 80 cars ( SERENE_SERPENT Save , but i will edit the BMW M3 GTR E46 ) , Please , ask it in comment

P.S. I Know there's already much savegames here , and i know that someone maybe will comment like " there's already 99999999999999999999999999999999999 savegame like this " but , well , this save is my own

Edit : I Also wanna say that this save is still on Battle Machine stage ( or whatever you say it ) , if you want it to be better ( like on React or super promotion ) maybe i will do it :D

That's all , and oh yeah , more Btw , I will add screens later.



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