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McLaren P1

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed

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Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed
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2014 McLaren P1 [V1.0]

Conversion and mod creation: LamboMantisMan23

Lights: robillard3381

Animated wing: robillard3381

Interior HUD: robillard3381


Mod Requirements:

Unofficial Community Patch >

Generic Mod Installer

Around 512MB or higher GFX Card

*If you do not have these there could be game crashing or FPS Issues.


Terms of use:

- Do not edit .RAR/ZIP Contents, Password, ReadMe.txt, Mod Contents.
- The models, skins and other files are for private use only
- Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited
- All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners
- If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via e-mail:
- If you wish to put this modification on another website then please contact me via e-mail:

By using this mod you agree to all terms if broken action will be taken.



Step 1: Download the Generic Mod Enabler in the root folder of NFS SHIFT and install from the folder NFS Shift.

Step 2: Drag the folder "2014 McLaren P1" place it inside the folder "\NFS SHIFT 2 Main Directory\MODS".
EXAMPLE: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED\MODS".

Step 3: Open the Generic Mod Enabler and select the left "2014 McLaren P1" and click the ">". You'll find that it will stay on the right, indicating that it is installed.

Step 4: Open the file in the folder that is vehiclelist.lst "\SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED\vehicles" and add the following lines in alphabetical order:


IMPORTANT: Do not skip step 5

Step 5: Open the file in the folder that is tyreshd.xml "\SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED\vehicles\physics\tyres" and add the following lines in alphabetical order:


––What Reporting A Bug––-

1. Please show a image.
2. Please explain where and when it happens.
3. If you did it by doing something ingame please specify how you did it.

This helps me narrow the issue down so I can fix it and release a update.



Q: How to I unpack my NFS SHIFT 2?

Q: Does this effect any other cars in SHIFT?
A: No, this should not.

Q: I have trouble installing, what can I do?
A: Please post your trouble within one of my threads or email:

NoGripRacing @

Contact me for support: << I will try my best to respond

If any mods are not posted or uploaded by me (LamboMantisMan23) they are taken without permission and must be reported to me please.



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