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Visual Reputation Remover

Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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# NFSU2 - Visual Reputation Remover

Need for Speed Underground 2 has an annoying feature: Visual Reputation.

This feature is a big inconvenience on player's taste. You need to turn your beauty, minimalist vehicle into a carnival float to get into DVD covers and progress through the career.

This plugin removes the *Visual Reputation Meter* from the garage/tuning menu, so you can truly forget about it, and makes the *Visual Reputation* value increase as you go through the career stages:

* Stage 0 is fixed with 0 stars of visual reputation;
* Stage 1 is fixed with 1 star;
* Stage 2 is fixed with 3 stars;
* Stage 3 is fixed with 5 and a half stars;
* Stage 4 is fixed with 8 stars;
* Stage 5 onwards is fixed with 10 stars.

Now, have fun tuning your vehicles the way you want.

## Installing

1. Extract [Ultimate ASI Loader]( into your *Need For Speed Underground 2/* directory.
2. Copy *novisualrep.asi* into the *scripts/* directory.
3. Have fun.

You may also inject *novisualrep.asi* manually, after all it's just a native *.dll* with another extension.


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