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"SPEED2.EXE "- Update 2018 - Traffic cars added.

Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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[left][sub]With these 2 files modified by my KITO DIP4LM4, you can play in story mode,
in simple mode, and also by "Lan" normally with the traffic cars,
(the adversaries will see the traffic cars if you run with them in lan),
profiles must be created from 0. additionally.
Also these files were also modified,
so that with them you can use the cars of the American and European versions
together, so that "106 - Corsa - Honda Civic - Corsa",
will depend on each user who reads this article if he wants to add them.
below I will leave the links and the details.
You will also have other options such as:
1.The drift camera on any Track.
2. 6 Opponents on all the tracks in "Lan"[/sub][sub]
3. Choose 1 Lap in Lan
4. The Lan Filters They were taken out for a better match.

[sub]Instructions Number 1 installation speed2.exe + globalb.lzc

1. Replace the speed2.exe of your game need for speed underground 2
by which is inside, in the directory of the game

2. Replace the globalb.lzcof your game Need for speed underground 2
which is inside the game folder called Global

The speed2.exe was created entirely by my KITO DIP4LM4 TIKY TEAM
the globalb.lzc is in its standart state it has nothing odd +
only that it allows you to drive the traffic cars.

these 2 files must work together if or if. It was created for that purpose.

Create your profile and you will see that you can run with the traffic cars both in
historio mode as in career mode.

Have fun

[sub]Instructions Number 2 installation Cars of the American or European version

Download unzip "with winrar" and paste inside the "CARS"
folder inside the game

[sub]We will update version 1.2 of Need for speed underground 2 to achieve our next
goal. This same, will allow to access traffic cars play in race mode or simple,
You can also do with the cars of the opposite version to which you have
downloaded if it is the version that carries the 106 and the corsa will allow
you to access the Honda Civic and Rsx.Acura and vice versa, and you see also
allow them to play the 2 versions on a single Server. PS: Do not forget to have
Cars that do not have in your Cars folder. Downloads of the cars "Civic and rsx

& 106 - Corsa[/sub]
[left]My creation was designed for all those people who are dedicated
to model cars here I leave 9 traffic cars to play, choose,
model and can drive normally in the game without anything special,
this I did KITO DIP4LM4 for you. have fun.


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