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Pagani Zonda Cinque - Fixed shadows, body paint and brakelights. #3

Need For Speed World

Need For Speed World
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The Zonda Cinque not only had bugged shadows as the Sesto or the SLR S.M., but also it couldn't be fully painted normally as the rest of the cars. For that, we were either forced to paint the doors, then the front and after that the rear or we had to put the widebodykit, paint it and then remove that bodykit. You could also put a vinyl covering the whole car to paint it, but in any case we had to waste extra time painting the car (or at least those people who just wanted to leave a clean look to the car quickly).

Luckily, the method I've followed to fix the shadows also fixed this body paint issue. As a result, with this mod you can fully paint this car easily as it should have been from the beginning, and its shadows are correctly placed now.

I've also fixed a small bug with the brakelight textures. Whenever you braked with the car, the brakelights turned on but the rear position lamps turned off as well, as shown in the pictures above. In this game, car lights are always on, so that has been fixed.

Anyway, to install this mod put the contents of this zip inside: (Your gamefiles folder)/CARS/CAR1004 and replace the files inside (always make backups).

- If you feel it's worth it, feel free to modify, improve and/or publish this and the rest of my mods wherever you want. 


"nfsu360" for NFS Car Toolkit v2.7
Oleg Melashenko for ZModeler v2.2.6
Former Black Box devs who created this car


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